The Mean Girls – Cruella’s Annimaal Cruelty (Premium user request)

Cruella Platinum wants to make some shoes out of live pupees. Specifically, Dalmations. But when she tries to place an order with her favorite fashion designer, he refuses to skin pupees alive for her footwear! OUTRAGEOUS! Well, she will just need to take matters into her own hands then. Soon, out in her garage she has 2 poor Dalmations from the pound in a cage. She slowly and cruelly explains to them her diabolical plan. They will be BRUTALLY BEATEN FOR HOURS just to “soften up” their hide for her footwear- and then SKINNED ALIVE!! All simply because she believes it will make their hide more pliable and supple for the shoes she will wear on her FEET at an upcoming fashion show! To add insult to injury, she puts her foot through the steel bars of their cage and makes them kiss her foot to beg for their very lives… ***SPOILER ALERT: The 2 poor canines don’t make it. The last scene shows Cruella Platinum trying on her new shoes made of their hide…slipping her perfect feet into them…and reveling how wonderful it feels to know that these 2 stupid mutts were skinned alive just to be turned into the shoes that she is now casually wearing on her perfect feet.

Date: March 17, 2019