ManyVids – lilcanadiangirl – Bowsette Cum Battle (Premium user request)

Mario.. this party is fun and all but I want to go home with Bowser I was going to go home with you but hes so big and handsome. I offer a deal to the both of you – Whoever can cum the most gets to take me home. So that means you have to fuck me right here, right now. Mario goes first. His cock is thick, but not very long. I still ride him and make him cum. But there wasn’t much, and he didn’t last very long. Now it’s Bowsers turn. He takes out his massive dick and I can’t believe my eyes. Its so big.. even his balls! I suck his cock, then ride him like crazy forwards and backwards. He fills my pussy up with cum each time he unleashes a load. He still has more to give. I suck his cock and he explodes all over my face. Bowser Wins.

Date: January 11, 2019