Goddess Foot Domination – Vicky Vixxx – Suffer Under Vickys Ballcrushing Boots

Goddess Vicky Vixxx has a slave strapped into a contraption which presents his cock and balls for her play and manipulation. She slaps his swollen, purple ball sack with a riding crop. Goddess Vicky steps on his ball bag with her boot. Vicky explains that the only reason he even has balls is for the evil games a woman like her enjoys. The bound slave screams in agony, gasps for breathe and thanks the goddess for her wicked attention. He worships her boots as instructed. The goddess allows him to slowly remove her sexy boots. He finally gets the prize of smelling and tasting those perfect bare feet. Goddess Vicky tells him to jerk his cock while sucking her feet. Though his balls are in agony from the punishment, as an avid foot lover he still gets incredibly excited from playing with those powerful feet. Those size six-and-a-halves represent something unobtainable yet they are an undeniable aphrodisiac. He begs the goddess to allow him to cum. She toys with him by delaying her permission. Once she grants his pitiful wish, he squirts a large load onto her pretty feet. Goddess Vicky Vixxx orders the foot bitch to lick her feet clean. The obedient slave happily complies.

Date: November 9, 2018